Social Justice

We are passionate about social justice because we think it’s part of what Jesus had in mind when he spoke of the Kingdom of God. We firmly believe that our Christianity must be lived out each and every day, and this must include compassion and concern for people who are vulnerable and marginalised.


In our church, we have been particularly outspoken on the issues of refugees and asylum seekers, marriage equality and interfaith dialogue. Fr Rod frequently appears in the media and at community events championing these causes from a Christian perspective.


We are also part of the Central Coast for Social Justice group. This is a community of people committed to constructive and informed conversations about social justice. The focus is on gathering and empowering the local community to articulate their social justice concerns to friends and family, colleagues, media, policy makers, and government at a local, state and national level. To find out more, search Facebook for “Central Coast for Social Justice.”

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