Our Values

We are guided by a number of key values:


Radical inclusion We believe that this is the example Jesus has set for us. We see in His life a man who reached out to all who were at the margins, who ate with the outcasts and embraced the Untouchables. We think church should be an inviting, safe place for all people – not just those who “fit in.” We’re convinced that the love of God breaks down all barriers, and that everyone should be made to feel welcome.


Prophetic mission We take seriously the role of the prophetic voice in our biblical tradition. We see that the prophets of the Old and New Testaments challenged unjust and oppressive social systems, often at great cost to themselves. We believe that churches should be fearless in speaking out against any system of government or hardness of hearts that fails to uphold the inherent dignity of human beings. This means we’re concerned for asylum seekers and refugees, the poor, the exploited, the victims of homophobia and many others who are often abused.

Community engagement We think the church should reach out to the broader community – not just those who are with us at Sunday worship. We use social media in creative, provoking and stimulating ways to encourage debate. We have a long history in participating strongly in community and civic events. We know that being “the church” is much more than just what we do on Sunday mornings.


Safety We think church should be a safe place – physically, emotionally and spiritually. To our shame, we acknowledge that, historically, churches have not always been such safe places. We work hard to ensure that we create an environment where safety is prioritised and experienced. We’re pleased to support the work of our Diocese in “Facing the Past and Shaping a Healthy Future”.



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