Our Story

We’re a progressive Christian community centred on Christ – His way of love, non-violence and radical inclusion.

In our Christian journey we seek to deepen spirituality and to serve others. We believe that compassion and mercy are at the heart of Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God here in this life.  We think that social justice is not an “optional extra,” but is part of God’s love for the world and its people. We see the heart of Christianity as a way of life interpreted by love, which cannot be reduced to a set of creeds or doctrinal statement.


We take the Bible seriously, but not always literally. We appreciate that the Bible is made up of history, theology, poetry, metaphor and much more. We want to understand this Sacred collection not only in its own context, but also how it applies to our own lives.


We believe that Church should be a community where all are welcome: the single, married, divorced, filthy rich and dirt poor. We welcome the committed Christians, the spiritual seekers, the curious and the sceptics. If you’re straight or gay (or somewhere in between) or don’t like silly labels, we offer you a special welcome. If you’re down in the dumps or don’t like ‘organised religion,’ we’ve been there too, and you are welcome here. Whoever you are and wherever you’ve come from, we have a simple message: Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.


We’re convinced that God is love and that this message changes lives and can change the world. We’re not about judgement and we think that spiritual questions are more important than ‘religious’ answers. We’re pilgrims on a journey of faith and we would be happy to share this walk with you.

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